Staff Meeting - 12 May 2010
I am certainly not a native on wikispaces. I am struggling my way through but i am trying to keep up. But i do like the concept of these natives verses the immigrants.

ICT Workshop - PD A fun time working with the digital camera and kid pix. Importing photos to keypoint and using kid pix for the background. Then a play with comic life and making up stories and expelling all that creative energy in our minds.

Staff Meeting - 18 May 2010

If we had all of the ICT tools, the management systems were in place and kids knew how to use them, what would we do?
They would be used and the ICT would be throughout the day in ll curriculum areas in order to enhance their learning.

What authentic tasks can you come up with that relate to number 1 in the article
Produce a small video clip about NZ in order to encourage people to visit NZ as a tourist destination.

How would we use ICT in our learning activities?
Access to a broader range of resources and people.
- Mapping for theme,
- Design a flag for the country and draw and design.
- Research information
- Penpal with other people around NZ and the world about life here

How would we use ICT for complex tasks rather than subject of study?

22 June 2010

In Room 6 we have used the computers to work with our measurement and perimeter through the use of this website - Perimeters as well as looking at symmetry and rotational symmetry though looking at a website about ambigrams. Go to - Ambigrams It was fantastic to have enough computers for each child!!!!!

Adrian left us at the end of term 2 to become Principal at Taonui School.