Tuesday 22 February 2011Here in Rotorua for the ICT Conference. To arrive and turn on the news to discover that Chch had suffered a devasting earthquake dampened our spirits. We sat stunned for over an hour just watching the news. Word from Michael's family that his relatives in Chch were ok was a relieve, as was the news that my dear friend from Akld who was in Chch at the time for work is also ok. We eventually went out to get dinner. Wednesday 23 February 2011Keynote speaker Scott McLeod was brilliant. He had the audience hooked (over 1000 people Michael said) and what he said was very thought provoking. His key point was the "Big Shift". Big shifts - transferring schools into what we need for the 21st century
aging of society

climate change

geopolitical reascendance of Asia

What other big shifts are we experiencing?

Information landscape
everything is moving to the web
distinct parallels with the printing press
reaching out/communicating - words/songs sent out for free
WEB 2.0 “It is not an audience, its a community.”
using the internet for more than just a research tool
Economic landscape
we need greater flexibility with funds

Disruptive innovation = progress...his explanation of this was the landline telephone for example, then along came the cellphone. We will eventually have no need for the landline. This is what he called "Disruptive Innovation".
He said we, as teachers, need to:
1st - use the upper end of blooms more often
2nd - we need every kid and every home to use technology

ICT Celebration 14 September 2010 Staff MeetingIt is amazing to see the skills that have been used by the children! I really enjoyed seeing what the other classes have been learning, especially R3 who had their workshop with Chrissie and Michael. The children never cease to amaze me - they easily show me how to use different programmes/software that they have learnt. Also other classes could easily come as "experts" and teach groups of children.Room 3 & 4 used Comic Life to create "posters" about their knowledge of the lungs, pancreas, brain, and eyes.Page_1.jpg ICT Staff Meeting - 17 August 2010Great to see the available software. Chn in R3 use Numbers Up regulary. I have noted the websites that Michael showed us and intend to incorporate these into our programme. KidPix Workshops
I have not been involved as yet with a workshop as I have been releasing Michael. However, the kids have been so enthusiastic and have been bursting to show me what they have created using kidpix. I have been surprised by the quality of the work and have asked them to explain to me how they created them. At one stage I "had a go", with a couple of kids guiding me. When I asked "how do I do" or "what do I do here to get.." I had a wealth of information fired at me.

Photography Workshop - 18 May 2010
I really enjoyed importing photos - adding a child into a background, using KidPix and iphoto. I can see myself using this tool in the classroom - the children will love it and I believe it will be very motivational.

Staff Meeting - 18 May 2010

If we had all of the ICT tools, the management systems were in place and kids knew how to use them, what would we do?

What authentic tasks can you come up with that relate to number 1 in the article

How would we use ICT in our learning activities?

How would we use ICT for complex tasks rather than subject of study?

Reflection on our Authentic Tasks reading:
1. Authentic tasks need to be real, not construed. Our units that have Social Action do this well. We need to make sure that they are useful. A skill they learn, they need to be able to use in a useful way. Graphing on the computer, communicating with outside people for camps, councillors, letters to organisations for useful stuff.2. Yes, obvious. Do the kids just want to play the game, rather than see the reason why they are doing it. The chn need to use ICTs as well as ensure they understand why things are, (eg spelling, atlas', basic facts).3. Yes, ICTs are a tool; yes they should be in the classes; yes chn should be able to use them as they need, as part of the tchg and lrng process.

We would allow chn to go off and find answers to problems/ their inquiry, in groups with each member having a separate task. Then bringing back to present, or solve it.
Use ICT as a tool, for just in time learning/solving. An integral part of the classroom. A natural part.
Use Bloom's Taxonomy to think carefully about higher order thinking activities, rather than being busy.