The classroom workshop have been really great. the instructions easy to follow. The children have beenPage_1.jpg very motivated and keen to try . we have been limited only by the theft of our classroom computers otherwise the world of ICT is opening up to us!!
Staff Meeting 12 May 2010 - The Big Idea

this session has just confirmed that I am the most conscious incompetent here !!

17 May photography workshop
Above statement confirmed !!
What I have learned:
How to find instructions to use a digital camera.
uses for digital camera in more authentic contexts
Michael is a very patient teacher !

Staff Meeting - 18 May 2010

If we had all of the ICT tools, the management systems were in place and kids knew how to use them, what would we do?

What authentic tasks can you come up with that relate to number 1 in the article

How would we use ICT in our learning activities?

How would we use ICT for complex tasks rather than subject of study?

Work shop Comments:
21 June 2010
The children really loved working in Kidpix and were very confident to work things out without the written instructions.all children have mastered this skill. we are keen to move on to the next step.
The next step with be to use Keynote to make the task really authentic. I would not like to use this just as an art activity.
Thanks Michael for your clear instructions and the way you managed the workshop involving all the class.