The following notes are from the photography course that Chrissie, Anne and Michelle attended at the end of term 2....

Stuart Hale –

Key Elements of course
  • Kids can do it –opens up a whole new world of communication for them
  • Need more cameras not more megapixels – 5 is fine! Keep them in a suitcase.
  • Photos and photography is building block of ICT

Taking photos
Composition of the photo is important
The rule of thirds –
The camera is not a gun. Your subject is not a target - don't line it up in the middle and shoot it!
Anticipate the shot (not tourist shot) . Plan the shot out first so you can capture what you want
Line – change the perspective – take photos from different angles - pretend to be a giraffe, possum, mouse

Camera and photo tips
  • Big is better - give children a camera big enough to handle
  • 80 percent of pics spoiled by camera movement – the smaller the cam the harder it is to hold still. Cameras for schools need substance.
  • Tripods are great.
  • Always have camera on highest resolution
  • Flash is good in bright light and no flash best for darkness
  • Master the two step shutter for photo taking

  • 100 photos that changed the world – some powerful images

  • Picasso – free photo software for PC (use iphoto for Mac)

Fun Photography

Photograph the alphabet (thinker’s key) - can be done outside, finding the alphabet in nature
Use a torch in a darkened room; move the torch around. Hold camera still and set exposure for 5-10 seconds.

Resources from Stuart