Here are the notes used at ICT Staff Meetings...

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17th August: 'Independent, Relevant & Engaging Tasks.'

Alastair made these notes and they are cool.

We outlined some of the software we have in the school for maintenance activities, and discussion around the way some classes are using it already.
We discussed the way some classes are using web 2.0 tools to do the same.
  • Ed Alive software: We have lots of this in Maths, Spelling, Reading. We have site licenses for these, so we can use them as much as we like. On start-up there is a request for level, so tchrs can adjust levels to meet needs of chn. There are bought CDs and ones from the MoE.
  • Put these on your computer permanently, so when the internet is down the chn can still access activities that they can use each day, as opposed to Web 2.0 stuff.
  • We can use these for chn to use everyday as part of learning rotations. Several chn can be doing them on one computer at the same time.
  • We should use these as low-level tasks, as it is a start and we need to make a start... If we want chn to see ICT as an everday tool, this is a way to do it as well.
Qtn: How does this fulfill our idea of having ICT used as an inherent part of the Tchg and Lrng process: It means the computers are on, all chn are using them and gaining confidence in doing so, we use activities to maintain learning all the time - this is just a different form of maintenance.
  • We intro'ed Wiki spaces that classes - Rms 4,5&6- are using to give chn links to web pages: research, activities and info that is useful for their current units and learning, etc.
  • We looked at numerous websites for literacy and numeracy for middle and junior school. BBC for schools had a large variety. is another site for literacy.
  • Rm 4 and 6 have set up a wiki for their class. It is easy to do - just click on your log-in name and follow the steps. We can create links to web pages for chn to view from home or school.
Qtn: How do we set one up and what web pages could we have linked to ours? (Maybe spend some time, if time, to explore some web pages to look at for our learning.)
Tchr Reflection: Make two notes on your reflection page: How do I currently use maintenance activities in my classroom? What is one other way I have seen today that I want to try?
Can we spend a day looking at web pages that we can try that our chn could use in our classes? Maybe our next workshops day? Spend time setting up our own wiki page for our classes.